the Setting

What would you do?

What would you do if your home country was at stake? And what would you say to the ones that cause the threat? Can there be hope? Our protagonists from the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean have something to tell you. Click on the images of the gallery next to the text you are reading to find out. Find out more about the background of the movie by clicking on the button below. 

Come to the Marshall Islands

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In the Marshallese language “Iakwe” is an important phrase. It literally means “You are as beautiful as a rainbow”. It is used to say “I love you”, but it also simply means “Hello”.

When people meet in the RMI, they always say “Iakwe” to each other, no matter which relationship they have with each other. Please think about that.

The people behind the movie

Meet the crew

“One Word” is a participatory full feature documentary about the impacts of climate change on the Republic of the Marshall Islands and its people. The movie was developed and filmed with the strong inclusion of Marshallese people through film workshops that have run over a period of nine months.

The movie is narrated by the protagonists only. It is only their voices that count.