One Word is a participatory documentary that was developed and filmed with the inclusion of Marshallese people through film workshops that have run over a period of nine months in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. You will find the participants’ names in the credit section on this page. The ideas, the questions, the answers and the advice of these people have made this movie possible. It was their work behind the equipment that captured the reality that makes this documentary unique.

Director’s Biography

Dr. Viviana Uriona was born in Pergamino (Province of Buenos Aires) in 1973. She has lived in Germany since 1996. She graduated in political science, studying first at the University of Cologne, later at the Free University of Berlin. She was engaged in the free radio scene, both in Germany and in transnational projects. Uriona received her PhD with a thesis on the social power of free media. The work was also published as a book. 

In 2015, Viviana and Mark Uriona released the full feature documentary  No Rest. No Haste. – a movie about the battle over the land between the indigenous population of Argentina and the transnational agribusinesses.

In 2012, they released the full feature documentary  Sachamanta – which deals with community radio stations in northern Argentina and their role in defending the land of the indigenous communities against land grabbing.

Both of these movies were produced within a participatory approach. Using this approach, Finding Europe is currently being developed – a filmic search for the future of the European Union commissioned by the Goethe-Institut.

Director of Photography’s Biography

Mark Uriona was born in 1975. He learned how to walk in Mozambique and was raised in East Germany. During an exchange year in the U.S.A., a very special person lent him an old Nikomat that he has never given back. Uriona went nuts on photography. But he did not believe that it could earn any bread.

He studied law and worked as a research consultant for a member of the German federal parliament. He came to write speeches, essays, newspaper articles, and has learned the business of politics, which he has never come to like.

He founded the “Kameradists” in 2011. Uriona was a member of the editorial staff of the “Prague Spring”, worked for “Geo Season”, the project “Bosnian voices” and the Helmholtz Association and is publishing a selection of his photographs on his blog.​

Producer’s Biography

Maria Kling worked at the local television station rbb after having completed a master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Journalism at the Freie Universität Berlin. In October 2015, the Studio Kalliope GmbH was founded. Maria Kling started to be its managing director. The studio produced the documentary  Por los Camiones del Sur in 2016/2017 – the stories of six musicians trying to get along and feed their families by playing in intercity busses in southern Mexico.

A Great Crew

Assistant Director: Christina Schulze | Editor:  Dalia CastelAnimation:  Quinn Qian |  Sound Editor:  Julian CroppRe-Recording Mixer:  Johannes KunzMusic: Boris Löbsack | Subtitles: Sven Kirschlager + Viviana Uriona | The French subtitles were created on the initiative and with the strong support of the FGYOTechnical Support:  Raik WagnerEnglish Language Assistance: Raychelle Heath |  Marshallese Translation: Kelly Luce Sebastian and Christian Sebastian | Team Assistant: Claudia Skodda | Local Chief Advisor: Jina DavidPolitical Advisor:  Michael Leutert

Additional Music by:  Radiohead +  Jethro Tull +  New Model Army +  French for Rabbits + David Todd +  MICA +  VOLODIA Feat. Naâman + The Ebeye High School Band + The Alwal String Band +  Dota

First Unit Camera and Field Audio: Matol Beaja + Hansen Kaisha + Christina Schulze + Kelly Luce Sebastian + Christian Sebastian + Danielson “Danyboy” Perdon Tawoj | Second Unit Camera and Field Audio: (Bikini and Rongelap): Gordon McComb | Third Unit Camera and Field Audio: (Maloelap and Ebeye) Christina Schulze Drone Pilots: Christian Sebastian + Viviana Uriona | Coordinator to the Laura High School Workshop: Sonya Medlang | Childcare: Gunnar Schröder | Kickoff Financing (on a gray winter’s day in 2017): „sparky“

Story Development, Camera and Field Audio Recording by the Workshop Participants in the R.M.I. : Mayomi Adiniwin + Marisha Alfred + Begonia Alik + Matol Beaja + Adriana Perez Beltran + Tina Benjamin + Christopher Bing + Sergio Bolasina + Hannah Bulatale + Lelei Bulatale + Raijieli Bulatale + Schuyler Bungitak + Francis deBrum + Herjosa deBrum + Miram deBrum + Cansecho Carmel + Ramanty Chong Gun + Raychelle Heath + Julian Helson + Anilta Makbi-Hodge + Masao Helmi + Ronny Kensuki Horiuchi + Lyndon Ishoda + Leander Jennet + Johniston Jetnil + Katadrik Johnson + Belle Jorbelle + Kitlang Kabua + Junior Kaibot + Hansen Kaisha + Dyson Kaneko + Pruter Karben + Malorie Kattil + Bina Kattilman + Johnsay Ketwan + Tom Kijenmij + Tina Konou + Rosie Koroi + Yale Kramer + Walter Laelang + Hermon Lajar + Gery Lanwi + Leeroy Leban + Stanley Lorennij + Kannea Kaierua Lussier + Binejal Luston + Charleston Maddison + Erbiland Mandira + Bellottie Maun + Rosemary Mayores + Christy Mckay + Diana Melville + Manny Mottelang + Dale Nabu + Jellyann Namdrik + Nathan Nathan + Teliphan Neamon + Milne Dallas Orymaine + Stiffney Paul + Rayner Peter, Jr. + Edward Peterson + Alik Randy + Jemimah Razalan + Jack Roadrik + Nakamura Rodrigues Jr. + Marcella Sakaio + Christian Sebastian + Kelly Luce Sebastian + Jakefield Silk + Danielson Perdon Tawoj + Jibas Teikilla + Jason Thomas + Lokot Truly + Jason Wellington + Roanna Zackhras 

Our local partner in the RMI was the Marshallese NGO  Jo-Jikum. We thank you for so much. 

We have never forgotten the wonderful people of Tarawa who welcomed us to the Pacific region. We especially thank Aberaam Tata, Mike Roman, Raimon Kataotao and the Humans of Kiribati, Kabuta Tiito, Kataunati and Pelenise Alofa and the people from the Kiribati Climate Action Network.

We’d also like to thank the following people and organizations for their support for this film project: The College of the Marshall Islands (CMI), Laura High School, The University of the South Pacific (USP), The Marshall Islands Journal, Jambo Arts, Marshall Islands Conservation Society (MICS), Daniel Kramer and Yasta “Yastamon” Bolkeim from Radio “Power 103.5 FM”. Jack Niedenthal, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, Kabuta Tiito, Kino Brotfabrik (Berlin) and Claus Löser, Marc-Uwe Kling, Alele Museum (Majuro), Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), Diana Melville, Okeanos Foundation for the Sea, Tony Mellen, Women United Together Marshall Islands (WUTMI), WAM (Canoes of the Marshall Islands), Kora In Okrane (KIO)