Welcome to the virtual cinema hall of the Berlin cinema BROTFABRIK. Here you can now buy your ticket for the documentary ONE WORD (83 minutes) if you live in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Half of the ticket sales go to the BROTFABRIK cinema, which has to remain closed due to the corona restrictions.

A ticket for ONE WORD costs 4.99 euros. Once you rent it you will have 48 hours to watch the movie.

In order to make the film available to you, we work together with VIMEO, a recognized service provider for video streaming.

You can either use PayPal or your credit card to rent out ONE WORD. Please note the technical information under the player.

If you don’t use PayPal or a credit card, you can get a ticket at short notice by sending us an email to ticket@one-word-the-movie.com – you will receive an answer immediately.

Important: We strongly recommend that you turn on the subtitles for the film. The original sound includes various idioms in English and also Marshallese language. You can choose the subtitles in English, German or Spanish by clicking on the [cc] symbol at the bottom right of the player as soon as the film is playing.

First click on the button above and then on „Ausleihen“ (Rent). A new window will then open with the options given for logging into Vimeo. Please register with one of the options offered and then choose your payment method (PayPal or credit card). After payment you can watch ONE WORD here above this text or directly on Vimeo. You can choose the language of the subtitles by clicking [cc] at the bottom right of the player. Nearby you will also find the button for full screen mode. The image quality depends on your connection speed and adapts automatically.